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Cards of Hope to Ukraine


Mr Katz, Mrs. Dvokin and Mrs. Cohen organised for our Year 6 pupils to send messages of hope to the Jewish community celebrating Rosh Hashanah in Ukraine. Here are some pictures that Mr. Katz passed on of the children’s cards of support at the Ukrainian Embassy in London, as well as his email to the Embassy and their reply.








To: Embassy of Ukraine in the United Kingdom

To whom it may concern,

My name is Adam Katz and I am a primary school teacher from East London.  I am writing on behalf of the school to offer our solidarity to you and your fellow countryman.

Our school is called Clore Tikva and we are a Jewish faith school. We have children of all faiths and nationalities including Ukrainian. You may, or may not be aware that next week is the start of Jewish new year-(Rosh Hashanah) and we will be celebrating by eating apple and honey to represent a sweet new year. However, our children in the school are acutely aware of your country’s plight and how you have suffered aggression from your neighbour. We discussed this as a class (year 6, 11year olds) and decided that this year our traditional Rosh Hashanah cards that we would normally send to family, should be dedicated to the Ukrainian people.  The children have written personalised messages in your country's colours, so that you know that you are not forgotten.  The Jewish new year is a time for celebrating our achievements of the past year, as well as offering hope for a better future. This sentiment is represented in the strength your people have shown, when standing up to tyranny and the hope that peace will be restored in the near future.


We would dearly like to give you these cards in the hope that they could be passed on to Ukrainian children, so that they know that our school and community stand alongside them.


Please could you advise me on the best way to do this- we are happy to bring them down to the Embassy at a time of convenience.


Kindest Regards

Adam Katz

Clore Tikva Primary 



Good afternoon, Mr. Adam Katz. Thank you so much for your solidarity and support of our country, our people! We will gladly accept your postcards at any time convenient for you. Bring them to the Embassy. Sincerely, Embassy of Ukraine in London.